Mentor Sessions


I went to college for both education and event management. Rewind back to high school, I would always volunteer with our special ed students and once I went to college, I joined this program called "College Mentor's for Kids" It was a program where once a week we spent time with younger, less fortunate kids and show them everything college has to offer. 

I am one of those people who is constantly wanting to grow, constantly wanting to learn new things and I absolutely love it.

There was a time where I was wanting to apply for grad school (after starting my photography business!) because I was missing school and the atmosphere of that consistent learning. 

My main point is: I have always had a heart to help people, serve others and provide for others. I love the idea of helping people grow which is why i went into education in the first place and now, I want to help YOU. 
I cant begin to explain how much time and money I invested in mentorships and learning from others. I truly wouldn't take any of it back. 


I absolutely LOVE social media and I feel like that is my niche when it comes to mentoring. Of course, If you want to go over pricing, gear and marketing we can totally do that, but if you have any social media questions I'm SO here for that too. I grew during the time of the algorithm. There are so many people out there preaching about social media, when in fact, they started before it was hard to make it big.

I am so honored that so many of you are interested in learning from me and that I am now officially offering MENTOR SESSIONS! Trust me, a successful business doesn't just happen overnight, it takes so much work and the biggest heart. There is never someone or something that you can't learn from; there is always room for growth. 

Are you still working your full time job that you're wanting to quit? Are you wanting to just grow your business more or maybe take it to the next level but you don't know exactly how?

Trust me,I GET IT and I GOT YOU. 

...WHO is ready to help you!

Yes, I need it!

First, Just see what people have to say...


• Pricing 
• Social media and your business
• Instagram/Pinterest/SEO/Website 
• Gear and equipment
• Workflow 
• Booking your ideal clients 

This is perfect for someone who is out of state or maybe just wanting to ask a ton of questions! This is the perfect option for you. I am an open book to you for an hour and we can cover everything from:

let's dive into the whole thing!

Let's chat more! 

1 hour facetime faq/Social media audit

Sign up for the goods!


This is perfect for the photographer out there who is wanting to not only amp up your social media game but also your photography game. Let's take your business as a whole to the next freakin' level!

• Pre-meeting questionnaire
• I take you to a lunch or coffee where I am an open book and answer any and all of your questions
• Photos of you perfectly fitting your brand by me!
•  One hour styled engagement shoot where you get to shoot alongside me with a real couple
• Dinner going over post processing + any editing questions for another 1.5-2 hours!


Courses + Resources

This is perfect for anyone and everyone wanting to learn more tips + tricks about everything instagram. Whether it's how to grow your following, increase your engagement, this e-mail list will allow you to be the first ones to learn all of that good stuff!



• Pre-coaching questionnaire
• Bi-weekly 1 hour zoom calls for a total of 4 calls going over anything + everything from website critiques to marketing and pricing
• Unlimited Voxer access 
• Leave with a thought out plan that you can implement to stay on track with everything we go over!
• Access to exclusive facebook group for continuous education, support + community!

This is perfect for someone who is out of state or is wanting something a little more serious and completely customized to YOUR business. Someone who wants to dive deeper and go over everything over the course of 2 months!

2 month Package coaching 

Let's get learnin!