Hi friends!

I'm Aislinn Malayter, soon to be Timmons and I am the lil' asian girl behind the camera! I am pretty much always smiling to the point where my eyes become non-existent. LOL yes, I did just make an asian joke. A traveling photographer based out of Michigan, but am ALWAYS down to travel. like ALWAYS. 

I am engaged to my high school sweetheart, Joel! Together we have 2 pups, Lily (the small one named after Harry Potter's mom) and Tucker (the big one that we rescued when we were in college). They are our babies. I went to an animal shelter ONCE, only ONE TIME and walked out with a dog... Let's just say I'm not allowed to volunteer or "casually visit" there anymore!

When I'm at home, you can find me curled up under my heating blanket (always, doesn't matter the season) binge watching something on Netflix. To be honest, probably YOU or some of the oldie but goodies like Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy, One Tree Hill, you get it! When It's not a complete blizzard during the winter, Joel and I love to take the dogs for a hike! We are always down for adventure and oh! We LOVE movie nights with popcorn + M&M's! Those are our favorite!

I am in love with pizza and sushi, heating blankets are always a good idea and I can cry watching videos of dogs because I love them that much... yep, I"m that crazy dog mom.  I'm also a huge fan of Justin Bieber... I know I know, hate all you want.

Well, This is Me. I can't wait to learn more about you, friend!!

^ Anyone get the greatest showman reference?

This is Me (+ My life)

I know I've already mentioned that I love to travel, but Joel is a commercial airline pilot, so we REALLY love to travel!

I absolutely love being able to adventure to new parts of the world, experience new foods and meet some bomb ass people!

Below is my upcoming travel schedule! If you're down to adventure with me + want to book a session while i'm in any of the following locations, let me know!

Upcoming Travel

Let's Adventure!














-Naples, Fl 

-Fort Myers, FL 

-Fort Myers, FL 




-Northern Michigan

-Fort myers, fl

-chicago, IL

-Chicago, il


-Northern Michigan

-Tampa, FL

-Fort Myers, fl

-Orlando, Fl

-northern Michigan

-New York

-Tampa, FL



Don't see your city/state/country on the list and want me to come to you? Let me know by sending me a message!

-Banff, CANADA


Let's be friends!

Bucket list places

United States: 


- Sedona, AZ
- Alaska
-Kauai, HI
=Seattle, WA 
-Bend, OR

- Santorini, Greece
-New Zealand
-Banff, Canada