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10 Beautiful Michigan Wedding Venues

Let’s talk my favorite state, MICHIGAN! Michigan has been my favorite state for as long as I can remember. I remember growing up, my family and I would vacation here and once Joel and I attended college up here, we knew this is where we wanted to plant our roots. There are so many beautiful locations/styles that Michigan has to offer that people often overlook. Michigan is one of the most beautiful places to get married in the US and here are 10 Beautiful Michigan Wedding Venues.

1.Castle Farms | Charlevoix, MI

Castle Farms Wedding Venue in Charlevoix, Michigan truly embraces everything Michigan has to offer. This venue is located more in the Northern Michigan area, which means lots of greenery and beautiful scenes. Something special about this wedding venue is that there are multiple options for venue locations! They have venues for summer weddings, winter weddings, small or big weddings and everything in between with all different looks/styles to fit your wants! Click here to check out all of the venue options at Castle Farms!

2.Black Barn Vineyard + Winery | Rives Junction, MI

Black Barn Vineyard + Winery is a special hidden gem of mine. Located more in Central Michigan, Black Barn Vineyard + Winery offers the perfect mix of rustic and modern. Fun fact: This is actually Joel and I’s wedding venue and we fell in love with it the moment we saw it. There is so much beauty that this venue has to offer, from the sleek black barn to the vineyard all on the same property. There are some AMAZING locations for some great photos too! This venue is one of my favorites, not only because it holds a special place in my heart, but because of the pure beauty of it. Click here to check out this hidden gem!

3.War Memorial | Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Let’s talk about the War Memorial. There are so many things about this venue that I love, I mean look at that ceremony site! It is the perfect location for a classic, romantic wedding. From all of the customization you can do to the venue to make it your own, to really embracing the natural beauty of nature it has to offer, the War Memorial is definitely not a venue to over look! Click here to view more about the War Memorial!

4.The Oakley | Holly, MI

photo by: Jeanette Warner Photography

The Oakley is an absolutely beautiful venue with so many views. With over 40 acres of rolling hills, beautiful photo spots, this venue is not one to overlook! I cant help but see how quaint this venue is and the pure joy of all of the guests who have their wedding here or attend a wedding here. The amount you can do to this venue to really personalize it and make it exactly how you want it is unreal. Click here to check out the Oakley!

5.Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn | Berrien Springs, MI

Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn is just absolutely stunning. Can you tell I have a thing for rustic weddings? I will say, this “barn” is not like any barn. Their grey shiplapped barn is so classic. The inside alone with the wooden walls and romantic feel, this venue has it all. It is perfect for those more classic romantic weddings and the golden hour at this property is to die for! Click here to see more of the Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn!

6.The Whiskey Factory | Detroit, MI

This venue is located less than one mile from downtown Detroit! This venue is perfect for those weddings ranging from 200-250 guests and is absolutely stunning. There are so many options for your wedding and since it’s so close to downtown Detroit, we could  even go venture off for some epic portraits!  Click here to see more of what the Whiskey Factory has to offer!

7.Baker Lofts | Holland, MI

Not everyone wants the whole “outdoorsy” look for their wedding, especially if it’s winter. Baker lofts in Holland is my all-time favorite indoor venue i’ve encountered in Michigan. From the warehouse to the loft, there is so much natural light, white walls, all the aesthetic feels! Their newly finished loft with the wood floors, white walls and brick is so stunning. I truly am obsessed with this wedding venue and believe it’s definitely one to look into! Click here to see more of this beautiful indoor venue!

8.Pine Tree Barn | Flushing, Michigan

The Pine Tree Barn is the epitome of that Michigan Wooded wedding venue. It is absolutely beautiful and I am in love with all of the greenery and foliage, it is seriously so dreamy! Like I mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons I love Michigan so much is because of all of the nature-like aspects it has to offer. The way the Pine Tree Barn is laid out is truly amazing with not only the wooded area, but also a reception space and other beautiful locations around the property! Click here to see more of this beautiful venue!

9.Bay Pointe | Shelbyville, MI

From the woods, to the villa to the lake house pavilion, this venue has all the views in the world and they’re all equally beautiful. One of the first things people think of when they hear “Michigan,” are the lakes. This venue has the option for it all! You want something with more greenery? They got it. You want something with the lake in the background? They got it. You want more of a boathouse feel? They got it too! This venue offers such variety and its absolutely breathtaking. Click here to see more of this beautiful wedding venue!

10.Loft 310 | Kalamazoo, MI

Loft 310 is located in the heart of Kalamazoo, MI. (Go Broncos!) Similar to other venues, there are multiple options where you can choose to have your ceremony/reception! One of my absolute favorites is the sky deck, like how unique is that?! I feel like this gives such a beautiful city/downtown vibe and everything Loft 310 has to offer is simply amazing. With the venue being right in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo, there are so many fun bars and locations for your guests to explore and even more unique photos for photos! Click here to read more about Loft 310!


*I do not own the photos taken. All photos were found on individual websites.*

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