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5 Things you’re doing Wrong on Instagram that’s Hurting your Business

Let’s talk about the ‘gram

Anyone else here have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram? I can tell you right now 5 Things you’re doing Wrong on Instagram that is Hurting your business. Trust me. I know I’ve talked about this a lot on my own social media, but to be completely honest, I love social media. I have always been interested in all of the backend things from learning the new algorithms to tracking analytics, all of that nerdy social media stuff. I think learning and analyzing that information is SO freaking interesting, but another reason I love social media is because it’s a way I get to connect with so many amazing people!

We often forget that Instagram and other social media platforms are a FREE marketing tool for us to use, so why aren’t we using it the best we possibly can? Because “it’s hard” or “no one sees my stuff anyway.” Look, I get it. We’ve all thought about it… If we were to all have made Instagrams back in 2014 or whenever there were no rules and everything was being seen, we would’ve had it all, right? It was SO much easier to grow back then than it is today. Yes, algorithms and hidden posts + everything absolutely sucks, I’m not saying it doesn’t, but there is so much social media has to offer and we need to embrace it!

Let’s talk about the 5 things you’re doing wrong on Instagram that’s hurting your business.

1. Show Up.

I can’t begin to talk about how important it is to just show up on your stories. One of the most common questionsI get is “What if I have nothing interesting to talk about?” IT DOESN’T MATTER. Let’s be honest, people are nosey. Why do we enjoy watch TV shows or movies? It’s because we get invested in the characters and the story. We CRAVE connection so much and that always gets overlooked. Some of my most viewed stories have been about my dogs, or about my love for pizza and sushi!

You don’t have to look pretty or put on a face to get on your story either, show the REAL you, the RAW you because that is what people are going to connect with and want to make them keep following you.

2. Engage.

How can you expect people to engage with you if you don’t engage with them? Everything is a two-way street and if you’re not spending the time engaging with your followers, why would you expect them to? I spend about 1 hour on instagram every day engaging. That’s right. I look at not only those who have engaged with my previous posts, but also my stories. I will spend time sending DM’s to those who replied to a story of mine or I will go through and comment on some of my followers/ people I’m following’s photos.

I want them to know that I am invested in what they have to share as well. I’m not talking just the heart eye emoji comments, I’m talking about being GENUINE. If something someone is sharing is connecting with you, message them, tell them why. BE AUTHENTIC with what you’re posting and commenting.

3. Share Personal Photos.

I know, this can go hand in hand with “showing up;”however, I’m talking about showing your face, your significant other, important parts of your life on your FEED. When someone new clicks on your profile, they want to be able to put a face to the page. They don’t want to spend time scrolling through your highlights trying to find a video of you talking, they want to be able to see a photo of you looking at the camera so they can make those connections, EARLY.

Something I personally like to do every once in awhile is post a personal photo of me and put some fun facts about me in the caption or another good one is doing 2 truths and a lie, get those people engaging!

4. Speak Worth.

I used to write captions just to write captions. I used to just throw out a “Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend” caption (which I still do every once in awhile, not gonna lie)… BUT It is so important to have worth within your captions. I’m not saying they need to be paragraphs upon paragraphs, but the caption doesn’t always have to be so basic. THINK about what’s on your heart or what you’ve been thinking about lately, whether it’s a win, whether it’s you feeling down in the dumps or defeated about something, SHARE that.

Don’t hide behind a screen or behind a pretty photo. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t need to be anything like paragraphs on paragraphs, but just speak some worth in your captions that will draw people in. Ask a question, make it engaging so that they have something to comment other than “pretty photo!” Remember: the algorithm lives for engagement and real, genuine comments!

5. Follow + Engage With Other Vendors.

I’m guilty of this 1000%. I never thought it was that important to follow venues or other vendors in the industry to be completely honest, but it is! As a photographer, I obviously follow other photographers, but I also started following wedding planners, florists, venues, etc and I have noticed a huge difference. It’s so important to make those connections not only with couples but also with other people within the wedding industry or whatever industry you are in! I’ve noticed that the more I engage or reach out to other vendors, the more they’re willing to get to know me and that can lead to opportunities.

Many venues now a day have planners that they work with. Those venues and/or planners almost always have preferred vendor lists that they present to their couples. Talk about getting your name out there through word of mouth or vendor referrals. It’s huge!


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