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Top 3 Ways to Make your Engagement Session Unique

Let’s talk Engagement Sessions

Alright, you guys are engaged, you’re starting to plan your wedding and you just booked your wedding photographer, YAY! Or maybe you’re just wanting to get some professional photos of you and your babe taken for fun! Either way, let’s talk about the top 3 ways to make your engagement session unique!

There are so many ideas and “styles” floating around Pinterest, and to be honest, they’re kind of all the same things over and over again. They’re all somewhere pretty with some greenery, or a beach, of course that golden hour, a long dress, etc. If that’s you boo, then DO YOU, but at the same time, don’t you want your engagement photos to be a little different from everyone else’s? I know I would! Engagement photos are the PERFECT way to integrate something special between the two of you.


Alright: here are the Top 3 Ways to Make your Engagement Session Unique

1. Integrate YOU.

What I mean by integrate you into your engagement session is integrate something that is important to you or something that you two LOVE to do together. Every couple is different and has different hobbies so why not do something you two love to do and integrate that into your engagement session? For example, Do you two love going on hikes with your dogs? Well, let’s bring them and do some shots with them if they’re such a huge part of your life! Maybe you guys just like hanging out at home and watching Netflix + popcorn, then let’s do a few in-home shots! Do you two love surfing at the beach? Let’s get you two in the water and take some photos with your surfboard.

The options are endless! Don’t just conform to what you think will look “pretty.” These engagement photos are about the two of YOU and theres nothing more beautiful than showcasing what you two love to do together and let that shine through the photos.

2. Bring Options.

My biggest piece of advice to my couples as far as outfits go is to always bring options! There are so many situations where you think one outfit would work, but then it may be too windy or you may not be able to move as much as you thought you would be able to. Outfits can make or break the look of the photos, so it’s always best to have more options than not enough and be “stuck” with one thing. I always recommend bringing a few “casual” outfits and a few “fancier” outfits. I love the casual outfits because they allow for a lot of movement so that you’re not restricted in any fun things I have you guys do and then the fancier outfits will allow for those more romantic/intimate feeling type photos.

Your outfits should reflect your own personal style. They should be something that you are 1000% confident in, something that you love and know flatter your body well. Neutrals are always a good idea, and even adding some accessories can be fun, just make sure they would be something you’d actually wear!

3. Trust Your Photographer.

Please please please, trust your photographer. I’m not just saying this because I am a photographer. I’m saying this because I’ve had experience on both sides! It is so important to go into your engagement session with an open mind and trusting your photographer. To begin with, there is a reason you picked your photographer in the first place. Whether it is because of their style, their posing, the feeling you got from looking at their photos, whatever it may be, you. picked them for a reason. With that being said, there may be ideas or things that your photographer may want you to do, and you may think “this is weird, why are we doing this?” trust me, I’ve had some of my couples do it too, but then those photos end up being some of their favorites!

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, it really is. We all have it, we all use it and all have boards for things from engagement photo inspo to house inspiration, it’s such an amazing platform! With that being said, pinterest should be used only for inspiration. Look more at the photos your own photographer has taken. As a photographer, it’s super hard to just recreate a specific photo and call it a day! Just trust in your photographer and go in with an open mind. You’d be surprised how much magic will be created!

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