Marco Island Beachfront Wedding

Kayla and Blaine’s Marco Island Beachfront Wedding was absolutely beautiful. They rented out a plot of land and had sand brought onto the property and it truly felt like a complete beach. They had twinkle lights hung and despite the rain and wind, it finally calmed down before the ceremony. Their Marco Island Beachfront Wedding was one of the most fun weddings I’ve been a part of.

Kayla and Blaine have been together for YEARS. I did their engagement photos last year in 2018 and it was SO fun. They brought their dog, a shot ski with their wedding date on it, and lots and lots of booze, they were SO fun. Their friend group and family was nothing less than that either. Their bridal party were the sweetest, most fun people to be around. The best music was playing, EVERYONE, i mean everyone, was up on their feet dancing! After their ceremony, the bridal party and I took a little boat across the water to a little island for photos. It was beautiful and the sunset was stunning!

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Photography: Aislinn Malayter Photography
Makeup: Esco_art
Bride Hair: Rockpaperscissorsred
Florals: galasandblooms
Wedding Coordinator: idewevents