Boise Idaho Foothills Couples Session

Let’s talk about this Boise Idaho Foothills Couples Session for a second… First off, how freaking cute are these two!? I was so excited to meet Hannah and Shane because I felt like we had so much in common! Shane is super into planes like Joel and it was super fun to just chat about that with him for a little bit. These two had recently gotten married, but thought it’d be fun to do something a little more “adventurous” and fun! They are such an intimate couple that I couldn’t help but exemplify that with their photos. Since I’ve never been to the foothills, but have heard so many great things about it, and let me tell you, this location did not disappoint. I mean, look at that little patch of flowers, i cant!!

I absolutely loved my time in Idaho and cannot wait to go back (hopefully) sooner rather than later! There are so many beautiful hidden gem locations that i’m dying to check out. OH! and they have the cutest coffee shops too 🙂 This Boise Idaho Foothills Couples session is just making me want to go back for more now! From the hills, to the sun, it was all a dream.

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