Bogus Baisin Idaho Couples Session

Can we just talk about this Bogus Baisin Idaho couples session?! I always get the question: “Do we have to be engaged to get our photos taken?” the answer is: ABSOLUTELY NOT! I think it is such a fun idea to get photos taken with your significant other once in awhile. They’re memories! I honestly wish that Joel and I got our photos taken professionally more throughout our relationship because they are something amazing to look back on, besides the iphone photos! Matt and Paige have always thought of this location to be special to them; so what better way than make it a Bogus Baisin Idaho couples session!

Paige + Matt decided to do just that. It was SO fun to photograph a young couple and look at their freaking style! So stylish it made me super jealous, because there really is no such thing as an “awkward” phase anymore… everyone looks good all the time! it’s not fair because I had a super long awkward phase… lol. ANYWAY, these two are the cutest. Their love for each other is apparent and they are so freaking fun to be around.

If you’ve ever wanted photos with your babe, even if you’re not engaged, DO IT. I promise you will not regret it. It’s such a fun memory and you will love looking back on them in the future! You want to see another couples session?! Click here!