Columbia River Gorge Engagement

Holy Moly, Talk about an amazing Columbia River Gorge Engagement! I had never been to Portland before, but I am already DYING to go back. Hayley + Emily were so much fun to photograph. You want to talk about a small world? Emily, Hayley and I all grew up in the same hometown in Northwest Indiana and went to the same high school, but NEVER knew each other. How crazy is that. Our hometown isn’t the smallest, but it’s definitely not the biggest either. What are the chances that we found each other on instagram and I got to photograph their engagement photos thousands of miles from home in Portland, Oregon!? I had never been to Oregon before, but I instantly fell in love with all of the nature and fun things to do! You are never bored there, that’s for sure and I am DYING to go back sometime soon!

The Columbia River Gorge was amazing and their Columbia River Gorge Engagement was even more amazing.  Even the drive was just so beautiful. Oregon has so many nature aspects and hikes and waterfalls! That’s what I want to do the next time I go. Oh! and get some more pips donuts, because those were the!! Anyway, Hayley + Emily had so much fun, we laughed a lot and ended our night getting some bomb sushi. Here are some highlights from our amazing evening together!