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Big Bear Mountain Elopement

Addison and Michael had an amazing Big Bear Mountain Elopement. These two are the most in love couple I’ve ever seen. From all of their inside jokes they cracked to make each other laugh to all of the hugs and smiles that were shared, I was honored to be able to capture their elopement day. I had never been on a more windy/curvy road than the one that took you up the mountain. The location we picked was through some muddy patches as well; you could say we had quite the road trip up!

Their Big Bear Mountain Elopement was just perfect for the two of them. Not only were they so intimate with each other, they were also having SO much fun, which I feel like is the absolute most important thing when it comes to your wedding day. Also, can we talk about Michael’s reaction during their first look!? It says it all. We also had to take advantage of Addison’s dress, because that movement was AMAZING. I absolutely love two piece wedding dresses! Even though it was cold, she was NOT going to let that stop her from wearing her dream dress. It was beautiful.

Believe it or not, they spent the entire week prior to us meeting up in Big Bear skiing and snowboarding so it was perfect that we go to shoot somewhere that they love spending time together at. I had never been to Big Bear before, so this was a whole new experience for me, but I couldn’t have loved it more. I will admit that the elevation got to my head since that is something I am totally not used to! The snow at the tops of the mountains, the surrounding trees, it truly couldn’t have been more beautiful 9,000 ft up.

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